Unforgettable Weddings

Discover Tooth & Nail's House of Wine, where your wedding day becomes a masterpiece against the backdrop of Central Coast's vineyard charm. With 9,000 square feet of versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, including rooftop terraces and an elegant ballroom, our dedicated event staff ensure every detail from rehearsals to receptions is seamlessly orchestrated. Elevate your celebration with stunning views and unparalleled service at Tooth & Nail, where your love story unfolds in grandeur.


extracted from the jaws of nature, by force or by cunning

Amor Fati

“love of one’s fate” – and purity without compromise.


the state of equilibrium


a rare mixture of richness and approachability

Try what we're pouring

The House of Wine is a space for discovering the fruits of our labor – our renegade wines, live music, delicious food, easy gatherings, and for Wine Club members, our wild pick up parties.

The tasting room at Tooth & Nail is open W-M from 11 am to 6 pm, and all are welcome.


native yeasts, minimal intervention, no additives, unfined and unfiltered

Dens Clavus

Don Quixote

a side project we made for Wine Club members

Tooth & Nail

Wine Club

Unlock the other side of Tooth & Nail
House of Wine

Social Club

Introducing the Tooth & Nail Social Club: a series of eclectic gatherings that are all about enjoying the moment and getting to know each other. No exclusivity, no formality, no filters — just an opportunity to hang out and have fun.

Think roller skating, movie showings, live music, wine education, and much more. Escape the digital world and enjoy the real one — welcome to the Tooth & Nail Social Club.