extracted from the jaws of nature, by force or by cunning

Amor Fati

“love of one’s fate” – and purity without compromise.


the state of equilibrium


a rare mixture of richness and approachability

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The House of Wine is a space for discovering the fruits of our labor – our renegade wines, live music, delicious food, easy gatherings, and for Wine Club members, our wild pick up parties.

The tasting room at Tooth & Nail is open W-M from 11 am to 6 pm, and all are welcome.


native yeasts, minimal intervention, no additives, unfined and unfiltered

Dens Clavus

Don Quixote

a side project we made for Wine Club members

Tooth & Nail

Wine Club

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House of Wine

Social Club

Introducing the Tooth & Nail Social Club: a series of eclectic gatherings that are all about enjoying the moment and getting to know each other. No exclusivity, no formality, no filters — just an opportunity to hang out and have fun.

Think roller skating, movie showings, live music, wine education, and much more. Escape the digital world and enjoy the real one — welcome to the Tooth & Nail Social Club.